Three Cheers for Delusion!

If you have been within 20 feet of a radio, television, or computer it is likely that you have heard of the mass dissent occurring within Iran. The story goes like this. In a close presidential election between incumbent Ahmadinejad and opposition leader Mousavi the former was declared the victor. There were signs of election fraud so the supporters of Mousavi went to the streets in mass protests. Many of the protests are evolving into riots so in response the Iranian government is beginning to crack down. Which group initiated the violence is unclear to me.

It’s understandable that people are angry over the perceived violation of their supposed human rights, voting. People get angry when their favorite sports team loses, they get even madder when their team loses due to the opposition cheating. All of this is irrelevant however, and ultimately a futile waste of energy on behalf of the Iranian protesters.

Whoever would have won the election, whether it be the blue team or the green team, the Ayatollah (see theocratic dictator) remains in power for life. The Ayatollah is the supreme leader of Iran, he dictates the law, and his unwitting pawns enforce his edicts. Now if these protests change into a successful revolution which removes the Ayatollah from power and forever eliminates such a position, then I would call that progress. This does not appear to be a likely outcome. Mousavi aided in bringing the Ayatollah into power during the Iranian revolution of 1979; Mousavi is beholden to the Ayatollah and is a staunch conservative Muslim.

The people of Iran have energy, momentum, and every right in the world to be dissatisfied with their society; but their energy is being channeled in the wrong direction. The institution that inflicts violence on women, homosexuals, free thinkers, and lovers of freedom is the STATE. The people of Iran will never live in a free society until they realize this fact. The people of the world will never be free until we realize this fact.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

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