The Reign of the Ego, the Rejection of Truth

titian_danae.jpgIt was all a dream, an onslaught of media in a plethora of shapes and forms produced an environment of illusion. Like a masochistic slave pleading to his master to do with him as she will, a passionate madness ending in self destruction is all that will occur when one offers themselves as fodder to an entity which holds nothing but contempt for their captive. The modern world is enraptured with a sick hedonistic fantasy whose pursuit leaves nothing but death and destruction in its wake.

We trod to and fro, producing and consuming; and always growing, always hungry, never satisfied. More is all we want, and more is all we shall receive. More pollution, more loss, more suffering. Our tormentors understand their relationship with us, and they delight in doling out punishment.

The illusion is so complete that virtually all humanity is affected. Nearly all accept the master/slave relationship on all levels, yet they refuse to acknowledge it. Perhaps trauma blocks out the truth, perhaps rejecting the truth is part of the fetish.

Dreaming of true freedom and independence, the very idea of rejecting civilization evokes such defense and passion that it makes clear how demented humanity has become. It may be that the only cure for humanity, as for Severin, must be like Wanda allowing another master take their turn at whipping the poor slave, a master with whom Severin is not enamored.