Civilization is a diversification engine. Everything a culture may create; clothing, slang, music, media, beliefs, and anything else are all absorbed for the goal of domination. As the corporate machines standardize the world they are actively converting individualism and creativity into conformity. The act of separating everything into neat categories promotes a behavior called ‘groupthink‘, it causes humans to behave like automatons and to accept and use labels as a primary cognitive tool. In truth, it makes us really fucking cognitively┬álazy. Ah, but there’s a more genial term for this phenomenon, it’s called Cognitive Dissonance. It destroys the ability to reason , it eliminates critical thinking, and it turns human beings into knuckle dragging bigots.

We separate ourselves into religions, nationalities, classes, and cliques. If the controllers of the labels are powerful enough, they can turn groups against one another. We generally call this war. Sometimes, the war is undeclared and psychological. The child versus the adult, the expert against the autodidact, the male opposing the female.

What does this lead to? In the end we all want the same thing. Peace, freedom, food, and shelter. If we could prevent the manipulators from leveraging us against others for their own personal gain, we could perhaps live in a world absent of war and exploitation. It just takes a bit of backbone and a whole lot of responsibility.