This is the Modern Way

The alarm clock rings, it’s 7:00am yet again. The morning routine occurs once more as it always has and always will. A calculated shower, prescribed hygienically correct primping, and an appropriate choice from the wardrobe are precursors of the sojourn to the workplace. Slipping into the familiar embrace of the commute facilitator the ritualistic adjustments are made; buckled, tuned, and acclimated, the journey begins again. Completing a bisected sexagesimal time unit the edifice comes into view. The work station is manned, the expropriation of surplus value and the externalization of suffering begins. Repetitions are made, commodities are produced, lunch is digested. The agreed period of enthrallment passes and the journey home commences much the same as the sojourn away did, merely inversed. Release is achieved upon the threshold of the familiar doorstep. Participation in socially acceptable activities 7, 15, and 52 provide an acceptable level of diversion. Midnight approaches as surely as sleep. Deep within the pineal gland a message is delivered. As it winds it’s way through the maze of synapses and axons, it nears the frontal lobe. The message retains its clarity, it screams, “You have a CHOICE!” The thought is nearly realized as the alarm clock rings, it’s 7:00am again.


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  1. nice work, guy

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